Ocean Addicts – Lombok Indonesia


Rp 900,000,00

Hire a Foil andl board  if you are an intermediate to advanced rider. Then, get out there  on the flat water and have fun. Show off to your friends.

  • Includes safety equipment
  • 1 Hour
  • IDR 450,000


Add-ons total:


On this fun dolphin-spotting tour for up to 3 hours you’ll explore the waters around Lombok, and observe dolphins frolicking in the waters near the boat. Dolphins live in this area year-round, and this is an exciting opportunity to see them playing in their natural environment. They might be jumping and racing on the boat’s bow, or swimming around and feeding. If we are most unfortunate & do not to spot dolphins, you will receive a complementary cruise to one of Lombok’s bays to a local warung makan for a free breakfast.

  • Includes: complementary cruise for free breakfast if un-seen
  • Bonus 15% activities discount coupon
  • 1 Person Max
  • 3 Hours


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