Ocean Addicts – Lombok Indonesia

Fast Banana Boat

This fast banana boat experience lets you take up to four people on an inflatable banana boat. Enjoy cruising the waters, taking in the sights and having fun. Or request “Your adrenaline rush of speed.” The surprise movement of the small banana boat will have you rocking and rolling from side to side. Life jackets are provided for a safe day on the water.

BANANA BOAT Option 1 – Pay as you go

5 minute ride around the bay. Excitement and fun, can you stay upright?

BANANA BOAT Option 2 – Family Fun Ride

Now it is time to ride with your family or friends, with 15 minutes of thrills and spills as a group. You will be flying across the water with tight turns, and we will be testing you and your group to stay upright and to not fall off.