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Foil Boarding

A foil board is a surfboard with an attached hydrofoil (or a fin with wings) that extends below the water. This includes replacing the traditional fins on the bottom deck of your board with a much longer, hydro mast. Attached to this mast are two wings that help lift the board out of the water as it moves.

Foil surfers get raised above the surface of the water, providing a novel and futuristic surfing experience.  Foiling is like starting over for someone who is bored with their surfing or not finding any new challenges with it – you get that same stoke. It’s as addictive as regular surfing and it really opens your eyes to new opportunities

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Competency Level

Learn about your equipment and the feeling of flying on a magic carpet. You will start on a larger board being pulled by our boat to begin balancing and flying half a meter above the water. As you progress you will learn to glide along some rolling swell and then on small waves. Next, we begin water starts on a smaller board and again on small waves while being pulled along by our boat. With interval rests breaks for coaching from our friendly and professional instructors.

    • Foil setup, different foil tuning for more and less lift, how the foil attaches to the board
    • Launching, landing the board with the foil
    • Getting to your feet on the board
    • Riding the foil
    • First flights
    • Small board water starts
    • gliding & pumping
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Competency Level

Now it’s time to ride small waves, keep your balance as you get pulled into or  paddle onto small waves and make smooth exits. You’ll learn how to control the board by moving your weight, pumping & turning on small waves.

  • Getting to your feet with a small board
  • water starts
  • Riding the foil SUP paddle or boat tow-in
  • First free ride flights small waves
  • Sustaining flights/adjusting height
  • Pumping & gliding on waves

FOIL Level 3 - Advanced

Competency Level

Pick up some advanced skills and move up to larger waves. Use the power of the paddle on a SUP foil or tow-in with our boat.  Learn how to control your speed, move into and out of sections and ride the face of a wave.

  • Prone Paddle or Paddle SUP or Tow-in to waves
  • Water starts
  • Wave riding
  • Advanced coaching in the waves
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Foil tow-in service

Competency Level

Boat tow-in service, minimum two hours. Get towed into wave sections and ride the face of waves.

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FOIL Wake Foil surfing

Competency Level

Foil surf the wake, of out boat the wave that never ends. tune up your skills, pumping & speed, carve & pop, jump & 360’s minimum two hours. Flat water tow, for foil wake surfing, pumping or speed runs.


foil & board hire

Competency Level

Hire a Foil & Foil board for 2 hours if you are an intermediate to advanced rider. Get out there & have fun. Show off to your friends.