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With your kite control taken care of, it’s time to take your kite surfing to the next level! You will learn how to water launch and park the kite safely in above you. Then use it to move around in the water, this is a lot of fun.  “Body dragging” includes moving upwind for board recovery, propelling left and right, to fully understand the power zone. After these exercise’s it’s all about adding the board – getting on the board, using it and the kite to get yourself up on the board riding! This course is 1.5 hours, on the water and includes kite launching, piloting one handed, board recovery, board positioning and water starts. Remember you can use our trainer kites on the beach as much as you like for free. ‘Practice makes perfect’

  • Four line power kite simulator w/ harness
  • Understanding the control bar and safety systems
  • Kite flight with control
  • Launching & landing a power kite
  • Water re-launch
  • Wind window power zones
  • Across wind water body drag
  • Kite boarding power kite
  • Power down wind water body drag
  • Water across wind body drag with board
  • First board start attempt


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