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Rp 20,496,000

The MANU’URA is customisable to your specific requirements. As a guide the following dimensions are offered:

6’2 x 26.5″ x 107L
6’8 x 27.5″ x 120L
7’4 x 29″ x 140L



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Our MANU’URA SUP Foil board has been designed especially for down winding, it is also a really good board in waves and super fun for wing foiling. Easy take off and extreme sensations during flights. The shape of the hull has been studied to avoid suction effects, during touch-and-gos.

We decided to name this board MANU’URA, because the translation in Tahitian means “red bird” and this name perfectly fit the sensation and colour of this board. It is also the name of the commune Pa’Ea, where Jerry Mihimana, 425pro’s owner, was born.

The short size reduces swing weight during pumping and maneuvers, while the volume and thickness gives great buoyancy


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