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Rp 13,100,000

Our Research & Development team have spent several months working on our first wing, to give the best sensations.

After many improved prototypes, we successfully obtained very satisfying results. We built our 2021 BOOST WING with the best materials available for sailing purposes, and also focused on keeping the weight of this wing as light as possible. We carefully reviewed every detail (handles position, stiffness, efficiency, etc.) to provide a great maneuverability and ease to use.

Comparatively to most wings available on the market, with the same equal surface, our 2021 BOOST WING obtains a better efficiency and reaction to wind, giving therefore, a lot more speed and maneuverability. Thanks to its specific shape and depth, it helps grab more wind and allow the rider to fly (or glide), requiring a lot less wind. With this very reactive wing, it is now possible to go on smaller size for equal power and better sensations. The edges of the wing will never touch the water during your flights!

Also once folded, the wing packs in a very small bag.

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