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2021 KENA Foil Board

Rp 13,600,000

The KENA is customisable to your specific requirements. As a guide the following dimensions are offered:


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In order to reach the perfection for our new 2020 KENA foil board, we have been working on the design and shape for a full year in collaboration with our best athletes. This board has been shaped to excel in any size of waves. One of its main asset is its efficiency and rapidity for paddling, it is also a great board for towing and kite foiling.

Our new 2020 KENA foil board is super stable thanks to its slightly curvy concave on the deck, which gives more contact for tows and heels, so the control of the board is much easier.

The short size reduces swing weight during pumping and maneuvers, while the volume and thickness gives great buoyancy.


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