Ocean Addicts – Lombok Indonesia


I partake in lesson/ hire/ activities of my own free will. I am undertaking in Activities serviced to me by Ocean Addicts Lombok and associated businesses/ brands (Lombok foil/ Lombok surf sup kite foil,) and agree to undertake the activities with the understanding of the inherent risks and dangers associated with the sport.

By agreeing below and supplying my name and ticking the agree icon. “I indemnify Ocean Addicts Lombok and its staff from any, and all responsibility for any, and all damage incurred to any property, injury to any person, or any legal action arising from my use of their equipment. I will pay for replacement or repair to equipment damaged during hire or use when unsupervised by Ocean Addicts Lombok and its staff.”

REFUNDS: “I agree with any service/ hire booking. However, a refund will only apply if cancellation is within 24 hours of service booking & admin will charge a 30% administration fee to process the refund. Due to environmental conditions, rescheduling or an alternative service will be available if a service is not supplied. I understand Purchases of physical shop items are non-refundable.”

  • “I declare that I can swim 50 meters (150 feet).”
  • “I declare that I do not have any medical or physical conditions that would affect my participation in the activity.” (E.g., please advice instructor of asthma, history of previous broken bones, dislocated joints, diabetes, allergic reactions, wear contact lenses / hearing aids, any other ailments, etc.)
  • “I agree not to drink alcohol or take prohibited drugs before or during your sport activities.”
  • I understand that my printed name to this document and ticking the agree icon to continue booking, constitutes a complete and unconditional release or all liability of the proprietors of Ocean Addicts Lombok associated businesses/ brands (Lombok foil/ Lombok surf sup kite foil,) and its employees and agents to the greatest extent allowed by the law in the event of me and/or the children under my care, suffering injury, death or third-party damage.
  • I authorise Ocean Addicts Lombok to arrange medical or hospital treatment if the situation arises as necessary and I agree to pay for all associated costs if required.